• Panoramic tour of London - London Special

    London, the capital of England, has a magnificent 2000 year old history. Enriched with its culture you will find traces of different periods. A truly worldly city. Among the places you will visit are:

    The official residence of Queen Elizabeth 2. the Buckingham Palace.

    Westminster Court, where the House of Commons gather. Royal Parks, Big Ben Clock Tower and Avam Chamber, included in the World Culture Heritage List. The most popular cathedral, Westminster Abbey, where Kings and Queens have been crowned since 1066 and hosting other significant events, such as wedding and funeral services of historical importance. 10 Downing Street, housing the Prime Minister since 1735. Trafalgar Square, which covers the largest space in width of London. London’s oldest region, The City of London, which is at the same time the centre of trade and finance was outlined by the Romans 2000 years ago. St Paul's Cathedral, in which Prince Charles and Lady Diana got married, also, with its 1000 years of breath taking history, theTower of London and the world's most beautiful bascule bridge, the Tower Bridge.

    During the journey you will hear many colourful stories of real life characters.

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  • Tour of Aristocratic London

    Places you will visit is going to be the official residence of the English Monarchs throughout history, primarily the Buckingham Palace of Queen Elizabeth 2, St James Palace and Kensington Palace, previously the dwellings of Lady Diana and currently resided by Prince William, his family and Prince Harry.

    During your stay you will visit the stores visited by the members of the Royal family and learn the latest developments about them.

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  • Cool London and tour of Street Art

    Shoreditch is the centre of street art in the world. You will get the opportunity to hear the stories of famous street artists, from Banksy to Ben Eine, and discover their art, painted on the walls and corners of buildings. Known for its top quality vintage stores and designers this area also offers wide range of alternative cuisines.

    This is also the territory of Jack the Ripper, renowned for his gruesome murders.

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  • Tour of London - Harry Potter - A Magical Tour

    We will visit the London location where the magical adventures of Harry, Ron and Hermione of the Harry Potter film series was taken, and parts of London which inspired the author of the book J. K. Rowling.

    If you wish you can transcend to the magical world by visiting the Harry Potter film set at the Warner Bros Studios.

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  • London Film Tour

    Visiting the atmospheric London streets paving the way for blockbuster movies from James Bond, Harry Potter, Bridget Jones’s Notting Hill to Dangerous Mission of Sherlock Holmes.

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